Gentle Flames

  • Prize
    Gold in Nature
  • Photographer name
    Joaquin Lorenzo M. Arriola
  • Product Code
    Canon EOS 700D

During the summer days of April and May, the fire trees (Delonix regia) of UP Diliman blaze in its fiery full bloom. Deploying its flowers along the street of what’s commonly called the Freshie Walk which cuts through the Academic Oval, the trees coat the cold gray cement in a crimson blanket of flora. When the wind blows, the petals gently caress the sidewalks like an ocean wave kissing the shore.

To many students and professors, this adornment of petals aptly celebrates the end of a rigorous second semester. For those taking Midyear, it’s a serene stroll to take in between summer classes. With these giving the campus a warm summer glow, no wonder these are one of the favorite trees of former UPD Chancellor Michael Tan.