'In this world, God has no hands and feet but ours' ; Inside the COVID-19 ward of UP-PGH

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    Finalist in News
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    Richard A. Reyes
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    Canon 1DX and Canon 5D Mark III

No one is allowed to enter COVID-19 wards except for health workers. Patients are being treated in isolation to curb the spread of the deadly disease unlike other illnesses where family members or relatives could stay to watch over them. The University of the Philippines-Philippine General Hospital, the country's primary referral hospital for the disease, reached its full capacity during the surge of cases. Health workers were overwhelmed by the influx of patients. Meanwhile, there are two Jesuit priests who set aside their vestment to wear level 4 personal protective suits to enter the COVID-19 wards. Father Marlito Ocon SJ and Father Henry Ponce SJ, the head Chaplain and Assistant chaplain of UP-PGH Chapel and the Chaplaincy, go inside 'Red zones ' administer the Sacrament of Anointing of the Sick to each patient to encourage and provide them spiritual comfort despite danger of being infected too. They said, ''In this world, God has no hands and feet but ours.'