• Prize
    Silver in News
  • Photographer name
    Martin San Diego
  • Product Code
    Sony A9

Dr. Georgia Tiu catching her breath in between intubation simulations.

Tiu, 31, is a third year anesthesia resident at Manila's Philippine General Hospital. She the four-man 'Airway team' for her shift. They perform the riskiest task in tending to COVID-19 patients — placing a breathing tube down toward the trachea for those whose lungs are so damaged. This procedure has a high likelihood of triggering a cough which will release aerosols carrying the virus.

Other prizes
Martin San Diego is an independent documentary photographer from the Philippines. He is a multiple grantee of the National Geographic Society, a Diversify Photo member, an alumnus of the Angkor Photo Festival Workshops, a Visual Journalism graduate of the Ateneo de Manila University, and a fellow of the Konrad Adanauer Stiftung Media Programme Asia. His work gravitates towards questioning the histories written by colonizers and victors. This is most evident in his ongoing long-term project on Filipino-Muslim youth and their relationship with militancy in Mindanao, southern Philippines. Martin regularly contributes to The Washington Post and VICE News on notable Philippine issues – the Drug War, COVID-19 pandemic, and the environment. Nonprofits such as International Committee of the Red Cross and the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees regularly commission him for missions in Mindanao. Martin is a co-founder of Campus Journalism Lab. He graduated with a degree in Computer Science from De La Salle University in 2013.