Agabel Tayo

  • Prize
    Gold in Pre-Covid
  • Photographer name
    Gerald Alangui
  • Product Code
    Apple iPhone 6

“Agabel Tayo,” or Let’s Weave was a Cordillera Weaving workshop for beginner and advanced weavers at U.P. Baguio’s Museo Kordilyera in collaboration with the Cordillera Textiles Project or CORDITEX. The event featured facilitators from the cordillera and my photos feature Cathy Ekid, a traditional backstrap weaver from Bontoc, her assistant and participants who traveled all the way from Benguet, La Union, Pangasinan, Cavite and Manila. It was February 2020 and it has just been a couple months since news of the deadly Corona virus spread fear and uncertainty around the world. It was a two day weaving activity and traditional looms and materials have been set up days before. The day’s weather was a cool 16 degrees on average, perfect for an outdoor workshop. The excitement and eagerness to learn the craft showed in everyone’s faces, little did we all know the imminent danger of a pandemic that was to come. This was the last public event hosted by UP Baguio’s Museo Kordilyera and barely a month after in March 15,2020, we were on lockdown. It will be almost a year after when I got back to UP Baguio for an Artist and Artisan’s economic fair and community pantry.