• Prize
    Gold in People
  • Photographer name
    Martin San Diego
  • Product Code
    Sony A9

"It was to please my mom."

The youngest of four children, Dr. Jonas Del Rosario was his mother’s last hope of having a doctor in the family. He did not want to go into medicine, but decided to follow his mother’s wishes.

Both Dr. Jonas' parents died of COVID-19 in the middle of 2020, while he himself was confined due to the disease.

Since then, he became a rare voice of trust in the pandemic-battered Philippines with his work as the spokesperson of the Philippine General Hospital, one of the country’s largest medical institutions.

Other prizes
Martin San Diego is an independent documentary photographer from the Philippines. He is a multiple grantee of the National Geographic Society, a Diversify Photo member, an alumnus of the Angkor Photo Festival Workshops, a Visual Journalism graduate of the Ateneo de Manila University, and a fellow of the Konrad Adanauer Stiftung Media Programme Asia. His work gravitates towards questioning the histories written by colonizers and victors. This is most evident in his ongoing long-term project on Filipino-Muslim youth and their relationship with militancy in Mindanao, southern Philippines. Martin regularly contributes to The Washington Post and VICE News on notable Philippine issues – the Drug War, COVID-19 pandemic, and the environment. Nonprofits such as International Committee of the Red Cross and the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees regularly commission him for missions in Mindanao. Martin is a co-founder of Campus Journalism Lab. He graduated with a degree in Computer Science from De La Salle University in 2013.