The UP Film Institute and the Female Oblation

  • Prize
    Silver in Architecture
  • Photographer name
    Raniel Jose Castañeda
  • Product Code
    Nikon D850

The UP Film Institute of the premiere state university is the only internationally-accredited academic institution in the country offering film courses for both undergraduate and master’s degrees. It is attached to the UP College of Mass Communication. Established in March 2003 by the UP Board of Regents, the UPFI merges two units: the former UP Film Center and the Film and Audiovisual Communication Department of the UP College of Mass Communication.

The levitating female nude sculpture in UP Diliman as the “female Oblation”. This new addition to the myriad of sculptures and installations that dot the campus was even embroiled in a plagiarism controversy the moment it was unveiled in 2017.

But after the heat had abated and the debate had ceased, the lull that ensued allowed this artistic expression to be perused and appreciated.